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by Heroes_Veteran
Apr 18 2009, 15:39
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: UndeadHalfOrc & Darmani's Heroes 2 balance patch
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I don't believe the factions were intended to be balanced in that way. Why do you think Knight\Barbarian get so much A\D skill points? Knight's naturally higher morale? Granted, the Barb's creatures are slow, but magic can cure that..
by Heroes_Veteran
Apr 18 2009, 15:37
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Heroes 1,2,3 online play?
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Hey, I'm new here too (but I've been playing HOMM since the H2 demo in 1996). :)

Except I'm pretty crap, since I can't even beat Broken Alliance on Expert yet :p

Tried HOMM3 as well but didn't seem as fun...

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