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by grendel99
Aug 17 2010, 21:14
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Topic: Ubisoft Officially Announces Heroes VI!
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Ubisoft Officially Announces Heroes VI!

All those races are either human or humanoid... I want to see swamp, barbaric, or warlock type races. Blah, if their doing a prequel they could have changed things up with the castle arrangements and had more less evolved civilizations.. Still looking forward to the art direction for the wizards and...
by grendel99
Aug 16 2010, 18:18
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Topic: Heroes6 leak ?
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Heroes6 screens leak ?

That terrain looks beautiful, So excited, also looks like the lizard race may play a role again! Can't wait to see what the academy race looks like, but their always the last to be shown... Also, if you look at the screen shot with the artifact, the little image above the adventure map look like a l...
by grendel99
Oct 19 2009, 15:08
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Topic: Changes in the M&M Brand Name?
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Changes in the M&M Brand Name?

I'm cool with the name change as long as Heroes 6 comes our way, with a better design artist and less anime.

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