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by [T]osHiro
27 Sep 2005, 01:35
Forum: News
Topic: Academy and Sylvan artwork
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Well, in that case why can't Ubi just have the troops 'Heroes of Might and Magish'? Since we're playing, Heroes, not Warcraft.

I like Sylvan than Academy, so much for my favorite faction *sniff*
by [T]osHiro
31 Aug 2005, 08:57
Forum: News
Topic: Map Contest Results
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Bravo, Vlaad.

So, what's the prize? =]
by [T]osHiro
25 Aug 2005, 09:56
Forum: News
Topic: Necropolis Screenshots!
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WOW!!! How should I rate this? 100 over 10? It's BEAUTIFUL!!!
by [T]osHiro
14 Aug 2005, 09:58
Forum: Articles
Topic: Heroes V Concept Art
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I like the succubus a lot. But I don't understand why almost every creature in the inferno must have hoofs. The succubus would look better if she have hands, plus wielding a whip is great, IMO.

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