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by rhomboidspace
Mar 14 2006, 1:50
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: Ideas for next mods
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ok here's an idea from a tip in the map making forums it has shown that the game engine doesn't care what skills exactly a starting hero but it does care how many, all classes are required to have 2 skilld except barbarian which hast to have 3 is it at all possible to remove this requiremt so that a...
by rhomboidspace
Mar 14 2006, 1:39
Forum: Mapmaking Guild
Topic: Mapmaking tricks (H4)
Replies: 57
Views: 49689

first, create a hero. edit him/her. check the "custom" box to edit abilites (but don't edit anything) and press OK. You can make a hero with other skills as well - lets say an archerclass. You make it a Ranger, and them check ok. Then do trhe whole sequence and you'll still have a Ranger. this tric...
by rhomboidspace
Mar 13 2006, 22:22
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: Skill replacements!
Replies: 12
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Scouting is alredy Great Skill. Seamanship is improved with equilibrius so that it acts like tactics skill on the sea. I heard that GM or M Seamanship in next version of Equilibrius will act like Seaman's Hat (No penality when entering ships) actually it's already in there, it starts at the expert ...
by rhomboidspace
Mar 8 2006, 2:48
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Heroes II Remake
Replies: 16
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Re: Heroes II Remake

I, and several others I think, are interested in seeing Heroes II refurbished, similar to how Equilibris refurbished Heroes IV. We would like to see added features, such as shared vision for allies and trading resources amongst players. We would also like to see perhaps a new town and the correctio...
by rhomboidspace
Mar 8 2006, 2:28
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: RMG for Heroes 3
Replies: 3
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do you own AB also, the RMG was a AB feature and in not included with SoD unless you also have AB installed
by rhomboidspace
Mar 4 2006, 3:51
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: windowed resolution larger than 800x600
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windowed resolution larger than 800x600

ok for those of us who use high resolutions 800x600 becomes very small in windowed mode, it was possible in heroes 1 & @ the streatch the window when it was windowed is it at all possible to enable this in Heroes 3 and WoG, it doesn't look like it is possible normally but how tough would it be t...
by rhomboidspace
Jul 12 2005, 18:14
Forum: News
Topic: Post-E3 FAQ on the Official Site
Replies: 10
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Still no info at all on any kind of editor, will ther be one, will it be very simple like heroes 1-3, slightly more complex but severly lacking like heroes 4, or a real map editor similar to Warcraft 3.

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