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by Ryder
Mar 18 2013, 19:49
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes Online Trailer
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Heroes Online Trailer

I would have banned you too y.

Obviously they dont know the reason behind your name. You should go back to Smarties anyway. ;)
by Ryder
Mar 17 2013, 21:09
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: So ... Any Thoughts On The Big "X" On The Ubi Site
Replies: 114
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i am both scared and thrilled at this. That unfortunately is the way I feel too. We have been waiting so so long for MMX to be announced, and now it sort of has, I don't want them to make it. After their ordinary H5 attempt and their shambolic H6 effort, which is the worst in the series, I have zer...
by Ryder
Mar 17 2013, 19:04
Forum: News
Topic: A Hidden Picture...
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A Hidden Picture...

If it is infact what it looks like it is then I could not be happier. Just gotta hope it's in hand with a decent developer. If they deliver similar crap like they did with H6 then there will be hell to pay.
by Ryder
Feb 12 2013, 20:15
Forum: News
Topic: Game Collection Contest
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Game Collection Contest

Where's the best one, mine?
by Ryder
Jan 17 2013, 23:46
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: 1st impression of Heroes 6 after almost 1 year
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After trying to play again after a long absence I have come to the conclusion that H6 is no doubt, the worst game in the series by a long long way.

Loved 1
Loved 2
Loved 3
Loved 4
Liked 5
Hate 6
by Ryder
Oct 10 2012, 8:59
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: And Now For Something ...
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And Now For Something ...

No way that's KB. Be a huge step back if it was.
by Ryder
Oct 1 2012, 4:48
Forum: News
Topic: Patch 1.7 Released
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Patch 1.7 Released

Updated the game and played it for the first time since early Jan. It still doesnt make me want to continually play it like the first 4 versions of the game did. Having no mage guild and that hateful Sanctuary town the big let downs for me still. Been able to convert buildings and area of control do...
by Ryder
Aug 1 2012, 20:58
Forum: News
Topic: Poll: H6 Expansion or H7?
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Poll: H6 Expansion or H7?

Straight to H7. Way too many poor gaming ideas were introduced into H6.

Give me my spell book back you fricken imbeciles!!!
by Ryder
Jun 19 2012, 5:36
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Will you buy Pirates of the Savage Sea?
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Re: "No, regardless of price."

icesensemadness wrote:All i can say is until Ubisoft stops trying to screw me, i won't be buying any of their games anymore. For God's sake I bought all HommV titles and all King's bounty the Legend/Armored Princess/Crossworlds titles to the point of redundancy!

What has Kings Bounty got to do with Ubisoft?
by Ryder
Jun 19 2012, 5:34
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Will you buy Pirates of the Savage Sea?
Replies: 64
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"No, regardless of price."

Because the game is a pile of wank.
by Ryder
May 14 2012, 0:32
Forum: News
Topic: First H6 Map Ready
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First H6 Map Ready

I complained about the amount of maps released with the game and was told that Ubihole would be making new maps available for download at later dates. Has this even occured, or was it a load of bull?

Not that I care as I dont play the game.
by Ryder
Apr 18 2012, 1:09
Forum: News
Topic: Patch 1.3 Launches, Black Hole Replaced
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Patch 1.3 Launches, Black Hole Replaced

Anno series, Technomage, ParaWorld.... Havent heard of any of them. The future of Heroes is grim. I still can't bring myself to play the piece of crap. Marzhin, can you, as a Heroes fan and veteran, admit the changes you helped bring to the game were wrong and were not in the best interest of the br...
by Ryder
Feb 21 2012, 1:52
Forum: News
Topic: The Conflux: A Horror Story?
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The Conflux: A Horror Story?

imagine how great this game could be if............

it was made by NWC.
by Ryder
Nov 22 2011, 2:06
Forum: News
Topic: Week-End Sale for Kings Bounty
Replies: 15
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Week-End Sale for King's Bounty

Heroes IV???
by Ryder
Nov 15 2011, 20:32
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: A goodbye to HOMM! Heroes VI has ended my love for this game
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That was a fantastic opening post and it's hard for me to disagree with any of it. This game just doesn't have the Heroes feel to me. Unlike Heroes 1 - IV, I dont find myself wanting to play it and if I do finally start it up I can easily turn it off. With the first 4 games I'd be up until the wee h...
by Ryder
Oct 31 2011, 21:36
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Quite a Menagerie
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Quite a Menagerie

What you see there Jeff is without doubt, creatures from the worst town in Heroes history. And that includes the Forge.
by Ryder
Oct 25 2011, 0:05
Forum: News
Topic: GameSpy Reviews Heroes VI
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GameSpy Reviews Heroes VI

Just received the game yesterday and played it for a little bit. As a Might and Magic veteran I must say it's pretty ordinary, doesnt feel like Heroes to me one iota.

Hopefully the more I play and better understand it the more I like it.
by Ryder
Oct 19 2011, 23:29
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Old Beta Bug
Replies: 13
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Old Beta Bug

Would of thought it should say

Your hero HAS already reached THEIR MAXIMUM level.
Edited on Wed, Oct 19 2011, 19:30 by Ryder
by Ryder
Oct 13 2011, 7:20
Forum: News
Topic: Pre-Load Might & Magic Heroes VI Now!
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Pre-Load Might & Magic Heroes VI Now!

If you're in Australia you can buy it from for $39. You'll have to wait for delivery as they are in the UK. Delivery is free.

Actually, they've sold out. Put your email address in for them to tell you when they have more in stock.

Mine is on the way.
by Ryder
Oct 8 2011, 2:40
Forum: News
Topic: KB: Warriors of the North
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KB: Warriors of the North

Looks like a money grabber of sorts. Same engine as the last 3. It's putting MM6-MM8 to shame.

I will get it without hesitation however.

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