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by fiur
Jul 13 2006, 21:38
Forum: News
Topic: New Patch for Digital Purchases
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New Patch for Digital Purchases

I'm beginning to be pretty sure about there will not be any patch before the mapeditor are included..... (waiting for a multiplayer game that works....) :( Since the release date for 1.2 are "long" gone..... I guess they will release a patch thats include the mapeditor...... maybe I'm wrong....
by fiur
Jul 4 2006, 13:48
Forum: News
Topic: Two New Maps this Month
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Two New Maps this Month

what is opt ????
by fiur
Jun 25 2006, 1:06
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: karyll_phoenix.jpg
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Ultimate Unique Ability

It's hard to get The "Ultimate" Ability.... I was pretty Sure that I would get it on the map "Dragon Pass" with Vladimir (Necromancer) but no :(
I was colse... though..... :)
by fiur
Jun 24 2006, 4:23
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: laptops
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Here is my laptop:
Asus A7J
Core Duo T2300 1.66 GHz 17" TFT
1 GB RAM (533MHz)
HD: 100 GB - Serial ATA-150
ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 - 256 MB

Heroes V works very well on this one (everything set to "max" )

by fiur
Jun 21 2006, 11:45
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Multiplayer playability (not Hotseat, not duel)
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Well I've played a few MP maps.... 4 ToH ones.... but only manage to finish one...!!!! I got very angry after hours of playing and then the game ends with just 2 heroes standing next to each other not able to battle... argh!!!!! need the MP patch now!!!!!!!!!!!!
by fiur
Jun 19 2006, 7:20
Forum: News
Topic: CH Heroes 5 Manual Complete!
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CH Heroes 5 Manual Complete!

excellent work... Just finish printing out the "print" version.....
Very detail info here!!!!!
by fiur
Jun 6 2006, 10:27
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Academy Campaign Mission 4
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Academy Campaign Mission 4

What to do... One quest says confront Raelag when I do I get "U loose"
I've taken everything I get acces to on the map..... got the red key and stuff..... and every necro town and haven town......
by fiur
May 26 2006, 10:24
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: No High Score?
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Let's get it back!

I'm also missing the "highscore" alot! :ill:
it was one of the thing who makes playing a map over and over again wort it :)

So hopefully it will be added in a coming patch.......

by fiur
Mar 16 2005, 15:36
Forum: Articles
Topic: Power Ups
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good work there!!!! thanx

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