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by Sharp_one
Sep 6 2006, 10:52
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Topic: Heroes V add-on Q & A
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Heroes V add-on Q & A

I hoped that their terrain would be changed at the last moment. They live in snowy environment and they worship dragon of fire? it just looks wrong.

If my ass would freeze out from the moment of my birth I would definitly worship something hot like fire dragon :)
by Sharp_one
Sep 2 2006, 17:40
Forum: News
Topic: Renegade Units Listed
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Renegade Units Listed

Anyhow,that could be a repeating crossbow,a thing so popular in fantasy games(though Im not sure a single repeating crossbow was developed in real life). Over thousand years ago in China. Watch Buffy the vampire slayer I'm almost sure she used crossbow with automatic reload. About 4-5 quarrels. Edit...

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