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by kingcranium14
Sep 5 2007, 21:40
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East in October?
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Tribes of the East in October?

If that's what it takes for them to make it right, then I'm okay with it.
by kingcranium14
Aug 6 2007, 5:07
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East Boxshot
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Tribes of the East Boxshot

It's so much better than the HoF box! It's really good
by kingcranium14
Jul 19 2007, 19:38
Forum: News
Topic: Second Developer Diary and Shots
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Second Developer Diary and Shots

Paokai's attack looks interesting. Cyclops's laser beam looks good, not so Sci-fi, more fiery. Cool town screen
by kingcranium14
Jul 18 2007, 17:59
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes Video and Shots
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Tribes Video and Shots

I think the Cyclops' attack is pretty awesome
by kingcranium14
Jul 14 2007, 23:01
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Topic: Staff reduction at Nival
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Staff reduction at Nival

Yes, but I would prefer that they finish the expansion before this happens... then the game would be finished, at least.
by kingcranium14
Jul 14 2007, 19:14
Forum: News
Topic: King's Bounty E3 Trailer
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King's Bounty E3 Trailer

I'm slightly confused, is this similar to the original King's Bounty, like HOMM, or completely different?
by kingcranium14
Jul 12 2007, 19:26
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Beta Firebird
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The Beta Firebird

The new one is okay, I'm just not a fan of the really long neck
by kingcranium14
Jun 29 2007, 13:04
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Topic: Tribes Preview at GameDaily
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Tribes Preview at GameDaily

I'm sorry, but what is the point of buying the last expansion to get a feel for the game? It has all the features. If I got ToE first, I wouldn't spend $50+ for the campaigns!
Edited on Fri, Jun 29 2007, 09:04 by kingcranium14
by kingcranium14
Jun 24 2007, 23:41
Forum: News
Topic: On Nival and Heroes
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On Nival and Heroes

If Nival does make H6, I'm fine with it as long as they improve the graphics (less cartoony -- didn't we get rid of cartoony graphics after H2?), and have better gameplay.
by kingcranium14
Jun 10 2007, 18:06
Forum: News
Topic: More Abilities Explained
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More Abilities Explained

The abilities look pretty powerful. No Haven alternates? That's weird. In one of the old screenshots it shows neutral Inquisitors that look all blue/whiteish, so I still think that there might still be other upgrades.
by kingcranium14
Jun 5 2007, 19:51
Forum: News
Topic: Necropolis Alternate Upgrades
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Necropolis Alternate Upgrades

Hmm, once again there's no shooters. I was hoping that they'd make a vampire that actually turned into a bat -- is that too much to ask?
by kingcranium14
Jun 1 2007, 0:42
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East: interview & new screens
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ToE: Interview & New Screens

On the first screenshot, those neutrals look like inquisitors, except whitish. Does this mean that Haven WILL have alternate upgrades other than the Renegades?
Will we still be able to use the Renegades?
by kingcranium14
May 29 2007, 15:30
Forum: Articles
Topic: Deconstructed, Part 3
Replies: 50
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Heroes V Deconstructed (3)

The story is okay, but it doesn't always make that much sense. I'd prefer something more like a war, to explain the number of troops that are absent from the cutscenes. The skills are great, but I think it would be better to somehow combine H4 and H5 so that there's cool abilities with depth. The cr...
by kingcranium14
May 28 2007, 22:13
Forum: Articles
Topic: H5 Deconstructed Continues
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Heroes V Deconstructed (2)

Graphics - They're fancy, but they get in the way. Among the only graphics I like are the town screens - especially Sylvan and Academy Sound - It's okay, not extraordinary, I like Sylvan, though. Cutscenes - Where do I start!?! At least they slightly improve in HoF and hopefully ToE Also, that H2 mu...
by kingcranium14
May 28 2007, 21:48
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Topic: Scoop: Alternate Inferno Upgrades
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Scoop: Alternate Inferno Upgrades

They used the EXACT same models but with a paint job!!
The only one I like is the devil - kind of evil looking

Actually, as I look at the pictures, they're starting to grow on me. Some of them.
Edited on Mon, May 28 2007, 19:46 by kingcranium14
by kingcranium14
May 22 2007, 23:50
Forum: News
Topic: Dungeon Alternate Upgrades
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Dungeon Alternate Upgrades

Looks great. The only thing I have a problem with is the lack of shooters. Seriously, they need shooters. I like these better than Sylvan, too, even though I vastly prefer Sylvan normally.

Incinerate -- similar to Pit Lord's Vorpal Sword? Extra damage? Hmm
by kingcranium14
May 15 2007, 21:51
Forum: News
Topic: Preview of the Sylvan Upgrades
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Preview of the Sylvan Upgrades

Why are they all blue?
Why is the "rainbow" dragon not rainbow, and just blue?
Why do they all have the same skills, plus one?

Oh, and by the way, are "we" going to mod the treant so it looks like the beta one, or leave it? Hmm..
Edited on Tue, May 15 2007, 15:09 by kingcranium14
by kingcranium14
May 13 2007, 1:20
Forum: News
Topic: Can One Game Last a Lifetime?
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Can One Game Last a Lifetime?

Well, certainly not Heroes 5. I'd probably go with something like Warcraft or Battle for Middle Earth
by kingcranium14
Apr 28 2007, 15:24
Forum: Articles
Topic: Tribes of the East Spells
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Tribes of the East

Hmm, they look okay, and it's about time they started adding some spells, but is this really all we get? This is all they are going to add to the game for the last expansion?
by kingcranium14
Apr 16 2007, 0:33
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East Announced
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Tribes of the East Announced

I'm sure that if Ubi wants to stop the Heroes series, they'll eventually get bought out by someone who will continue it - like EA or Blizzard, hopefully
Edited on Sun, Apr 15 2007, 17:33 by kingcranium14

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