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by Malthus
Apr 20 2008, 10:03
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: Hidden Treasure
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In Gharik's Forge, click above door after the bridge ( after you have opened the secret room and moved the lever at the start of the dungeon) to get bonus to fire resistance for "clicking" character.
by Malthus
Mar 17 2008, 17:50
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: MM7Rev4modR1 a mod for might and magic 7 has been released!
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Just wanted to say, this mod is great! Although MM7 has never left my hard drive, it's renewed my game playing experience. One issue I did have was when travelling to Tularea at the same time as the trumpet messager was instructing me to fetch the trumpet from by the caves. When I clicked on any cha...
by Malthus
Nov 25 2007, 11:49
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: TOTE Single player scenario - The Cup of Thunder HELP!
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All the relevant islands are "cup"-shaped
by Malthus
Aug 3 2006, 15:05
Forum: Articles
Topic: The Mage → The Liberation
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The Mage → The Liberation

I'm a newbie when it comes to the Might and Magic series, so I'm playing this through the first time on "easy". Tips on first map, getting Summon Phoenix etc. were invaluable, but I still found that heroes were taking my starting castle on this map no matter how hard I tried to keep it. I found that...

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