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by Rosensmart
Apr 28 2016, 9:31
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes VII playthrough on Youtube
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Heroes VII playthrough on Youtube

Hi there....

Just stumbled across this video series on the tube....... ... bC0xe-LDAz
by Rosensmart
Aug 13 2014, 23:07
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes VII Announced
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Heroes VII Announced

I must say, that i am looking forward to this!! Hoping that,this time the community will be more involved, as it look like it will be... Been playing since HOMM 1. Just love the series :-)
Edited on Wed, Aug 13 2014, 19:08 by Rosensmart
by Rosensmart
Nov 18 2012, 16:42
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Unlock
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I have both DLC's and are satisfied with them :-)
by Rosensmart
Nov 18 2012, 16:39
Forum: News
Topic: Do You Still Play?
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Do You Still Play?

I still play. Campaigns and wit my freinds in hotseat... Love the game
by Rosensmart
Apr 16 2012, 11:23
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Utopian Thoughts
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Utopian Thoughts

I want my Dungoen faction back.....
by Rosensmart
Jan 31 2012, 17:23
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Topic: Antialiasing Problem
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Antialiasing Problem

Glad I have Nvidia... No such trouble for me..... All options on, res. 1920x1200, running smoooooth :-)
by Rosensmart
Jan 15 2012, 21:40
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Topic: Ubi DRM Prevents Hardware Changes
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Ubi DRM Prevents Hardware Changes

The problem is the same with the "Bloodbowl" games.... I wrote a mail to Ubi, and recived what i needed to reactivate the game.
by Rosensmart
Nov 30 2011, 20:36
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Topic: Heroes VI: Patch 1.2 Status
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Heroes VI: Patch 1.2 Status

Well, I can only say, that I look forward to being able to play the Haven campaign without all the bugs..... On the other hand, the importance of a patch working 100% can not be underestimated... so bring forth the patience fellow heroes lovers.....
by Rosensmart
Nov 15 2011, 8:33
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Game Collection - Rosensmart
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Game Collection - Rosensmart

I kind of miss those "bog old boxes". The nice manual, a poster, all sorts of merc :-) I have 2 "moving boxes" of games from "ye oldie days" and its actually fun to look at the details on the old box games :-) @ MMXAlamar : I remenber the ghosts, once you had them, you just needed to attack weak sta...
by Rosensmart
Oct 31 2011, 15:03
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Quite a Menagerie
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Quite a Menagerie

I reported that bug in the beta...
by Rosensmart
May 9 2011, 19:35
Forum: News
Topic: June Beta Launch
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June Beta Launch

Looking forward to the beta. I participated in the beta for HOMM5 and I look forward to help find the last flaws before the release :-)
by Rosensmart
Jul 26 2006, 11:23
Forum: News
Topic: Cranky Returns: The Hot Key
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Nice to see Cranky back......
by Rosensmart
Mar 20 2006, 13:59
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: H 5 FOR SALE?????
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H 5 FOR SALE?????

At this adress H5 Special Collectors Edition is at sale for 39,99£ 8|

Can this be....... :|

I have placed an order........ and it has been confirmed :)

right now there are about 2500 left.....[/b]

There were 4000 to start with......
by Rosensmart
Mar 1 2006, 17:09
Forum: News
Topic: Happy Birthday Fabrice
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Happy Birthday Fabrice

Happy birthday good sir.

Keep up the GOOD work... :-)
by Rosensmart
Jan 30 2006, 23:00
Forum: Articles
Topic: Sylvan Creature Statistics
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Sylvan Creature Statistics

Fear not only the Blade Jugglers... they brought along their best freinds... the WAR DANCERS!!!! (Lets disco...) Their most effective way to kill are the passodoble Few people are aware of this, but the WAR DANCERS(beware!!) have all their powerfull dancing skills from..... MADONNA and Steven Segal!...
by Rosensmart
Jan 25 2006, 23:07
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Topic: Please Save Heroes V
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Please Save Heroes V


I Would like to get a copy of HOMM 5 as soon as possible. However, I would also want It to be a finnished product, when I go to the store to pick it up....

So, If needed, I can live with a delay of th game... :-)
by Rosensmart
Jan 19 2006, 18:53
Forum: News
Topic: Open Beta Delayed
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Open Beta Delayed

... it would be a major downer if the delay of the beta means that the game
will be delayed as well....
Edited on Thu, Jan 19 2006, 12:14 by Rosensmart
by Rosensmart
Jan 19 2006, 17:15
Forum: News
Topic: Open Beta Delayed
Replies: 20
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Open Beta Delayed

... Not the first game to be delayed... and I am sure it is worth the wait!!!
But still.... Me want soooooo bad.... :-) .......

P.S : I'm danish.... =:-)

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