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by Zarniwoop
May 2 2011, 17:57
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: Might and Magic mods, projects and stuff (updated)
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Might and Magic VI sound issues fixed

I finally got the sound to work properly with all the new patches on XP professional SP3. Ignore this if you're going to try running with mp3s. This will not work for Grayface's mp3 solution. The only reason I'm posting this is that I spent hours realizing that Grayface's patch contains a sound bug....
by Zarniwoop
Apr 3 2010, 3:52
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: 50 of the best custom made homm3 maps-download them all in 1
Replies: 19
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Files all gone
by Zarniwoop
Sep 3 2009, 0:17
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes 6 wishlist (draft)
Replies: 328
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My wishes

Note: for those that don't want to read my wandering nattering, here's the summary post. 1. Do the little things right. The big things you're taking on don't matter. 2. Graphical power is the fourth or fifth most important thing at best in a HOMM game. 3. Don't leave the campaign maps until last. If...

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