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by Kryp2nite
Apr 26 2009, 18:54
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: Using WOG to turn Homm3 into an RPG - Anyone interested?
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I realize that this post is probably dead since it's been over a year, but I think it's a fascinating project. I'm curious though as to why you chose to replace the def files when scripts could potentially achieve the same affect. ZVSE !#OB2/31/0:T12; !#OB2/31/0:S; !#OB2/31/0:T12; Changes the functi...
by Kryp2nite
Aug 13 2006, 13:46
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: use for armageddon
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Probably the only use(but even this is a stretch) would be to use Haven and Armageddon while your griffins are diving.
by Kryp2nite
May 24 2006, 0:26
Forum: Modcrafting Guild
Topic: Allies Mod
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Allies Mod

unreal_az has modified the current maps in the game so you can play with a friend against the AI. It's just a little something to tide everyone over until the extra 10 maps are released and the map editor comes out. I found this at I have not tested it and neither do I take any cr...

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