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by Yrkoon
Jun 10 2006, 19:29
Forum: News
Topic: My H5-rant\whine (long post)
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Great review . I liked a lot of the features in HIV as well and I think that the usage of 2X2 squares by semi-large creatures needs adjustment , 1X2 spaces , yes , bring it on :hoo:
by Yrkoon
Jun 9 2006, 15:26
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Start Up Bonus Pick?
Replies: 15
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I always choose the artifact, as I find it more useful to start my game (grants a little bonus for the early battles so I can start better). Money is useless early on because I'm limited in the amount of creatures I can buy. Ressources are useless early on because I usually have enough to last long...
by Yrkoon
Jun 6 2006, 18:43
Forum: Articles
Topic: First Heroes V Patch Now Available
Replies: 86
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Patch 1.1 Info

I don't have the game installed in the default directory and the patch will not recognize the game
by Yrkoon
Jun 6 2006, 4:25
Forum: Articles
Topic: The Cultist → The Promise
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The Cultist → The Promise

I just barely won the battle with Veyer , I had expert gating and fast gating as well as phantom forces . The first time I played the map I got greedy and went after all the resources and he beat me to the tomb
by Yrkoon
Jun 4 2006, 15:22
Forum: News
Topic: Nival Answers
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Nival Answers

Well at least they are promising a map editor , I personally prefer the fan-made maps over the developer ones . So the fact that there will be one lifts my spirit already , although the timeframe is too long . All those creative folks out there need the time to make the maps , sigh
by Yrkoon
May 31 2006, 7:19
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Quick ATB Icon moves
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Thanks Mistweaver , that worked just swell . I thought it was just a lag problem :)
by Yrkoon
May 30 2006, 21:41
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Favourite Creature Designs.
Replies: 36
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I just love the way mages , when they get shot with a ranged attack , brush their sleeve like it was nothing
by Yrkoon
May 30 2006, 6:19
Forum: Articles
Topic: Creature Abilities
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Creature Abilities

Whatever happened to potions ,I remember having all my mana drained by familiars and being able to use a turn to replenish it with a potion
by Yrkoon
May 30 2006, 5:42
Forum: Articles
Topic: Artifacts
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I've run accross the "nightmarish ring" But I believe it was called the ring of broken will
by Yrkoon
May 25 2006, 4:19
Forum: News
Topic: Shipping Woes in America
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Shipping Woes in America

My local EB store assures me of a 26th of may delivery of my pre-ordered regular editiion in B.C. Canada . I've played the demo and I can't wait to start the campaigns from the beginning

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