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by davidek
Jul 19 2006, 9:40
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: Do you want to help the project?
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I can help with the translation for the Czech version I'm from Slovakia, but Czech and Slovak languages are very similar, it makes me no problem to speak Czech (or I can ask my Czech friends thru ICQ) I think, that it would be more appropriate of you to make Slovak transalaition, while the czech on...
by davidek
Jun 12 2006, 15:35
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Err... riiight.
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Err... riiight.

I think, that this is a self-torturing ritual
by davidek
Jun 10 2006, 6:29
Forum: News
Topic: The Wheel Goes Multilingual
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The Wheel Goes Multilingual

the czech version is availiable at
Edited on Sat, Jun 10 2006, 00:29 by davidek
by davidek
May 18 2006, 17:06
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Map of Ashan
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The Map of Ashan

Good. In the Czech republic, the map will be even in the standard edition- along with M&M IX and an energetic drink
by davidek
May 13 2006, 10:43
Forum: Articles
Topic: Haven Special Buildings
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Haven Special Buildings

Training grounds are crucial for the ability, but the monument just lowers the cost
Edited on Sat, May 13 2006, 04:46 by davidek

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