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by Archaven
Apr 5 2014, 13:02
Forum: News
Topic: CH Lives Forever!
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CH Lives Forever!

CH lives forever!. Hail CH!.
by Archaven
Aug 21 2010, 6:13
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes VI pictures
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My personal opinion: Pro: Different dev was chosen (Black hole) instead of Nival. Cons: Looks exactly like Heroes 5. Now this was lame. I was really hoping a new developer was chosen for Heroes 6 basically i hate the graphics and artistic design (including creatures, towns and animation designs) whi...
by Archaven
Feb 23 2008, 6:30
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes VI Wishlist And Engine Poll
Replies: 75
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I seriously thinks that Heroes 6 needs a new engine. The graphics are so bad or perhaps the units model were designed badly? Long waiting times and jerky graphics especially on huge maps. Bad AI.. just to name a few. It's time for an upgrade i would say. Or perhaps Nival is not up to the task? Maybe...
by Archaven
Mar 14 2006, 6:01
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Disappointment with Heroes 5
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Disappointment with Heroes 5

I HOPE Nival will not touch the Might & Magic title. They have in turn ruined the title!. That is the sole reason why i will not be buying Heroes of Might & Magic 5 apart from having Starforce. One of my biggest shocked that i've received is that it's not a Heroes game anymore. They've ruine...

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