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by Szaman
May 2 2009, 3:48
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes 6 wishlist (draft)
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Random map generator (like in all games except H4).
by Szaman
May 23 2007, 15:56
Forum: News
Topic: Dungeon Alternate Upgrades
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Dungeon Alternate Upgrades

I think the alternate upgrades will be a nice addition to the game. The screenshots look pretty good, and the abilities are ok too. However, we won't see how it will really be until we see that 'at work.' Oh and for the Rainbow Dragon not being really in colors of rainbow or Red Dragon not being act...
by Szaman
Nov 30 2006, 8:36
Forum: Hall of the Heretics
Topic: Stronghold
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I played this game for some time, and enjoyed it a lot. It is not similar to HOMM, since it is a RTS, however, there are many things to like in it. When i think about it, the only thing that I didn't like there, was the size of maps (too small), if it had maps of the size that AoE 1 had and some nic...
by Szaman
May 5 2006, 4:53
Forum: Campfire
Topic: Lord of The Rings
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The whole discussion - feels like home... :) I think of LOTR as the best book I've ever read..... The film was ok, but far from what I would expect after reading the book.. That is actually what influenced me a lot in my high school years in Poland - at the same time - I read LOTR, started playing H...
by Szaman
May 5 2006, 2:58
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: The Demo thread
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After all those years of waiting I finally got the demo on my computer today, but..... it crashes when I want to install it. :( In the readme file it sais to run the HOMMV_demo.exe file, but I can't find it. When I try to run the HOMMV_Game file the error appears and it crushes.... In which folder s...
by Szaman
Apr 26 2006, 22:14
Forum: News
Topic: The Demo summary: Fans vs Critics
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The Demo Summary: Fans vs Critics

H3 had one great feature which definitely made me play it for very long time - Random map generator!
H4 didn't have it and, in my opinion it was a big mistake. The only thing I hope, is that they will include it with H5; if not now that at least with some expansion in future...
by Szaman
Apr 13 2006, 20:46
Forum: News
Topic: The Demo is Out! The Demo is Out!
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The Demo is Out! The Demo is Out!

"Only" 48 hours...:( I think I will have to find other way....
by Szaman
Apr 11 2006, 1:22
Forum: Articles
Topic: Pitsu's Preview
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Pitsu's Preview

Why did they change the Treants? :(:(:(
One of my favourite unit from H3 (and whole fantasy world), and one which I missed the most from H4, now will look as if it had anorexy or something.....:(:(

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