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by Monastor
Mar 19 2007, 22:13
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Nagas Deleted Scenes
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Nagas Deleted Scenes

So it was being planned...

Well... actually SOMEONE MUST HAVE SAID "this is lame, I've got a better idea! let's make some ridiculous, kitschy, blue tigers!"

Congratulations :/

That's retarded :|
by Monastor
Dec 26 2006, 10:20
Forum: News
Topic: arturchix Wins It All
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arturchix Wins It All

Congratulations, Arturchix :)

Your patience has been rewarded
by Monastor
Dec 12 2006, 18:42
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Heroes Online Coming Soon
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Heroes Online Coming Soon

How kitschy can one get?
by Monastor
Nov 30 2006, 19:55
Forum: Articles
Topic: Dark Messiah: the CH Review
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CH Review

Uhm... they don't use Speedtree, do they?
by Monastor
Nov 29 2006, 17:12
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Necromancer keep
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Necromancer keep

"where their boss Arantir is working on a necrosorcerous scheme to destroy the humanity"

How innovative :)

I like being surprised with interesting solutions in game development :P
by Monastor
Nov 12 2006, 0:14
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The Patch 1.4 Paper Doll
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The Patch 1.4 Paper Doll

"homm5 is best game in Homm series so far"

Hmm... I guess that would be pretty hard to achieve for it, considering the fact that it doesn't even belong to HoMM series.
by Monastor
Nov 10 2006, 14:21
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes at the Casinos
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Heroes at the Casinos

It's gonna ruin the image of HoMM... Wait... It hasn't had any image since the last HoMM3 add-on was released.

So I guess it's OK :)
by Monastor
Oct 18 2006, 13:39
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Heroes V Mouse Pad
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Heroes V Mouse Pad

It is very kitschy... I would never put something like this on my desk :/

I prefer my good, odl mousepad from British Embassy :P
by Monastor
Oct 13 2006, 17:38
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Hammers of Fate Boxshot
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Hammers of Fate Boxshot

At least the dwarf is not burning... this is, however, only the box...

Unfortunately, in the game itself, it is going to look much worse
by Monastor
Sep 17 2006, 7:42
Forum: News
Topic: Dark Messiah Machinima Contest
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Dark Messiah Machinima Contest

Damn ugly... but what's inside, look pretty good :)

One question... it is for those, who are taking part in the beta... isn't it?
by Monastor
Aug 30 2006, 18:15
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Clever Use of Harmful Touch
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Clever Use of Harmful Touch

Huh... that's nearly as bad as what I was doing in Oblivion :|

That's funny, how undead creatures don't lose some of their... lusts

Still, the way, the pixies are dressed might make one touch them in a very specific, harmful way, indeed.
by Monastor
Jul 22 2006, 20:41
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Kalah in the Hotseat
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Kalah in the Hotseat

Yeah! Why do chicks only appear where we don't need them?!

There ARE some hot chicks dancing on homm5-related parties and there ARE chicks in many pictures that are on game boxes... but when it comes to photos connected with someone's vacation, it's always a strange guy ^^ :/
by Monastor
Jul 9 2006, 9:24
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Bring Out the Goblin in You
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Bring Out the Goblin in You

This game makes me loose all my self-control ^^

Oh... by the way :) I don't look like this ;) ;P

It took me an hour to warm up my face and I still had to use Corel :)
by Monastor
Jun 10 2006, 17:55
Forum: News
Topic: My H5-rant\whine (long post)
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Hmm... That's too optimistic and way too positive... but I agree at some points ;)
by Monastor
Jun 4 2006, 10:23
Forum: News
Topic: Gossip: A Party in the Dungeon
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Gossip: A Party in the Dungeon


There are some things that money can't buy... paying some cash doesn't make a game deserve its brand name
by Monastor
Jun 3 2006, 9:43
Forum: News
Topic: Gossip: A Party in the Dungeon
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Gossip: A Party in the Dungeon

Oh yeah... The series of Heroes of Might and Magic is holy... like a church... it doesn't need naked chicks... It's a desecration! Men! What are you suggesting? Is it a porn game? This is outrageously lame. There are better ways of advertising a product. As far as I have never respected Ubisoft with...
by Monastor
May 16 2006, 15:39
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V is Out!
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Heroes V is Out!

So where's the thread for complaining?
by Monastor
May 3 2006, 10:40
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: My Eyes!
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My Eyes!

We're all looking forward to playing Alien vs. Predator 3... Keep up the good work ;)

EDIT: Huh... It's Dark Messiah... OK then... I'm sorry about the mistake
Edited on Wed, May 03 2006, 04:41 by Monastor
by Monastor
Apr 22 2006, 16:34
Forum: News
Topic: StarForce: It's Not Over
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StarForce: It's Not Over

Heh... That was predictable... the first souts of starforce had been sent to Russia a long time ago.

by Monastor
Mar 21 2006, 18:41
Forum: News
Topic: Cranky Hero Deleted Scene
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Cranky Hero Deleted Scene

Level 6 Dungeon creature?

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