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by superpaladin
Nov 16 2005, 2:16
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Bugs
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No Warriors of Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff and Heroes 4 WOW, but yet this guy has 1 of the most amazing collections of Might and Magic series + New World Computing series!
I bow to you man!
by superpaladin
Nov 11 2005, 5:02
Forum: News
Topic: Academy faction on official page
Replies: 3
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Like the background stories. But the creatures are the same as Tower of Heroes 3. >.
by superpaladin
Nov 11 2005, 4:52
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Plans for Heroes V
Replies: 36
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Elephant?? >.<
Edited on Thu, Nov 10 2005, 21:55 by superpaladin
by superpaladin
Oct 26 2005, 11:13
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: King's Bounty
Replies: 19
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I am so missing my old days' highscores. :(
by superpaladin
Oct 26 2005, 11:11
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Warlock Creatures
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1 of my favourite tactics with quicksand spell. Ground troops are dead meat and "sand meat"
by superpaladin
Oct 26 2005, 11:08
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Towns
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Hehehe... 1 of my battle tactics from Heroes 4.
by superpaladin
Oct 26 2005, 11:06
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Knight Town
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It is a bug!!! I wonder if I can reproduce the bug again in new Equilibris... this is my POTD by the way.
by superpaladin
Oct 26 2005, 11:04
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Warlock Town
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My good old buddy Bohby
by superpaladin
Oct 26 2005, 11:03
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Wizard Town
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I missed my POTD.... I miss megadragons too.
by superpaladin
Oct 26 2005, 10:58
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: headline
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Only for European?? So bad!!! I want a complete set, all in one in my country!! SEA area, dude!!
Can this complete work with the Equilibris??
by superpaladin
Oct 10 2005, 5:11
Forum: News
Topic: Operator Charged for Playing Heroes
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So this Stephen is the hacker and the computer operator at the US government computer disabled the antivirus software just to Heroes and RA games?? How stupid!
by superpaladin
Oct 10 2005, 5:09
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Bridge Town
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Bad design...
won't the ground troops drown??
Edited on Sun, Oct 09 2005, 23:09 by superpaladin
by superpaladin
Oct 9 2005, 2:09
Forum: News
Topic: More Answers from Nival
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Quote from Lord Haart The archer/marksman choice thing sounds very promising for upgrade options. The upgrade should be better imo, but not always "better enough" to justify the cost. Yeah!! I with ya. At first I said "what the heck?!!?" Then after reading your comment, I think you could be right to...
by superpaladin
Oct 6 2005, 10:22
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Shocking Hot Potion Mod
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What's with this picture? Is it because of 1 Knight hero who doesn't have Life and Mana bars?
by superpaladin
Oct 6 2005, 2:02
Forum: News
Topic: Beta Test is Ready!
Replies: 27
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good luck to those who have been accepted. I know I can't join the beta due to final sem in uni. So I hope that the first beta will run without any major problems like hacking, stealing, etc.
by superpaladin
Oct 6 2005, 2:01
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Vampire Lord
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Cool art! So far, this is a vampire that I really like. I think the hair style is influenced by seeing some Japanese samurais. As for the sword, maybe it is from the Europe.
I think it is unique.
by superpaladin
Oct 3 2005, 14:03
Forum: News
Topic: More Sylvan Information
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All Sylvan creatures look great but the best is Unicorn and Green Dragon. Green Dragon is usually for Nature side, so I think it is logic, but of course there are others think otherwise like Green Dragon can be evil too that spits acid. :) I just wonder... though the Sylvan Hero looks cool on a unic...
by superpaladin
Oct 3 2005, 13:57
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Enjoying the Landscape
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Wildbear said, "Guys, there is grass floating in the air lol"
I said, "where??"

Anyway, I like the unicorn. It looks better than any of the unicorns from past Heroes games, not to forget M&M games too.

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