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by Khelavaster
06 May 2016, 01:07
Forum: News
Topic: Fortress Lineup
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Re: Fortress Lineup

Whatever that is, it's certainly not a kobold.
by Khelavaster
13 Aug 2014, 14:49
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes VII Announced
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Heroes VII Announced

@GreatEmerald: I share the sentiment. Nothing will make me care about this unless somehow the devs manage to honor the series' roots and develop a SOLID, EXPANDABLE GAME SYSTEM, including prior and foremost a working, non-cheating AI and an engine capable of creating and handling hundreds and hundre...
by Khelavaster
30 Jul 2012, 20:48
Forum: News
Topic: Poll: H6 Expansion or H7?
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Poll: H6 Expansion or H7?

I say move along and let us forget Homm6 ever happened.
by Khelavaster
02 Mar 2012, 16:56
Forum: News
Topic: Patching Plan Announced!
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Patching Plan Announced!

If there's ever been a case of "too little, too late"...
by Khelavaster
12 Dec 2011, 15:46
Forum: News
Topic: H6 Patching Policy
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H6 Patching Policy

@CloudRiderX: "Are you aware that every AI cheats to a certain degree in every game ever made in the history of gaming?" I'd say every single person pointing out how the HOMMVI AI underperforms horribly even when indulging in the most obscene degree of cheating in the series (to the point ...
by Khelavaster
02 Dec 2011, 22:42
Forum: News
Topic: Finally a GameSpot Review: 8/10
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Finally a GameSpot Review: 8/10

No mention of the hundreds of bugs, skirmish maps or the state of the AI... in a strategy game! Moreover, the review sounds as amateur and inept as those from those unknown sites which gave the game an instant thumbs up on the basis that there's combat and it's pretty.
by Khelavaster
21 Nov 2011, 15:59
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The World Again
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The World Again

FWIW, I noticed the resemblance at first sight.

@hellegennes: what do you mean that official confirmation means nothing? It means precisely that the likeness people are picking up was deliberate.
by Khelavaster
04 Nov 2011, 14:25
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Official HoMM VI Reviews.
Replies: 78
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Wait, what? He never played it before, so he did his research, fair enough. From his research he got the impression that HoMM 6 is a RTS.....what the holy hell was he smoking? He seems to associate certain things like adventure maps and fog of war to the RTS genre: Exploration and resource collecti...
by Khelavaster
04 Nov 2011, 12:55
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Official HoMM VI Reviews.
Replies: 78
Views: 28288 8/10 Might and Magic Heroes VI is the latest entry in a series that I have never played , so I wasn’t sure what to expect after installing the game. I did a little research on the title before starting and I came away with the impression tha...
by Khelavaster
04 Nov 2011, 12:51
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Official HoMM VI Reviews.
Replies: 78
Views: 28288 8/10 Good grief, that was terrible. I'll add my own picks to the list... Sadly, I can’t muster the same enthusiasm for the battles when considering them from a tactical perspective, mainly because they’re about as tactically eng...
by Khelavaster
02 Nov 2011, 12:54
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Single player skirmish maps are not worth playing
Replies: 28
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After playing it for some time now it's getting more and more clear to me that the Heroes game we used to know is totally gone now And this, in a nutshell, is what explains M&M Heroes 6 (not HOMM6, mind you, and at least I appreciate the sincerity in the name change). Basically the series has m...
by Khelavaster
14 Oct 2011, 11:25
Forum: News
Topic: Erwan Q&A at
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Erwan Q&A at

Well you'll never get a dev on record admitting the dumbing down. It's sad, but that's the way it is. So now, Erwan's excuse (and I'm not blaming him, mind you) is that more resources=management, and that this hurts strategy. Which is complete rubbish of course. Even the examples are bad: Starcraft ...
by Khelavaster
01 Aug 2011, 12:44
Forum: News
Topic: The Current State of Things
Replies: 31
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The Current State of Things

I can't believe there hasn't been a single comment regarding the state of the AI - or maybe I've missed it? From my perspective this is the shadow that weighs heaviest on the game by far if we consider its two less-than-illustrious (in this regard) predecessors. So c'mon beta users, how did you find...
by Khelavaster
14 Jun 2011, 10:55
Forum: News
Topic: Ubi Art Contest
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Ubi Art Contest

Wait, M&M "mouse pointers" as a prize? Doesn't sound too generous, Ubi. I guess the only step down from there is offering M&M pixels.
by Khelavaster
09 Jun 2011, 11:08
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes VI Main Theme Published
Replies: 14
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Heroes VI Main Theme Published

Is it me or is the intro a subtle reprise of the sorceress' theme from HOMM2?
by Khelavaster
29 Apr 2011, 18:36
Forum: News
Topic: Dev Q&A - Town Screen Released
Replies: 25
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Dev Q&A - Town Screen Released

Sheesh, I foolishly thought simultaneous turns were in for sure at this point. Age of Wonders 2, Disciples 2, those games are almost a decade old and supported simultaneous play out of the box. A HUGE bummer, this. :-(
by Khelavaster
02 May 2008, 13:41
Forum: News
Topic: King`s Bounty: First Review
Replies: 76
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King`s Bounty: First Review

@GrayFace. No relation to GrayFiend, from the UFO:ET community?

Btw: isn't it funny how almost always people who leap to call others "ignorant dumb retards etc" are usually the ones who can't muster enough brainpower to detect simple sarcasm?
by Khelavaster
06 Feb 2008, 13:22
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: About the AI cheating
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Relatedly, is there any way to revert back to seeing what the computer does in its turn, instead of getting the silly black screen? Is there a toggle somewhere that I've missed? I mean I get that it makes the cheating more "natural" and it helps to hide as much as possible what's essential...
by Khelavaster
31 Dec 2007, 15:58
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes VI Wishlist And Engine Poll
Replies: 75
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An engine that's minimally optimized, and oh yes an AI would be nice thank you. All other considerations are surely welcome but not essential.
by Khelavaster
19 Oct 2007, 11:28
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: The first TotE review...
Replies: 12
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Banedon: that's a toughie. I don't think you'll find yourself playing much of any expansion if the original HOMMV didn't do it for you. The core game, expectedly, remains basically the same, for better or for worse; the factions only add more pizzazz. What's worse, most of the more glaring problems ...

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