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by Alais_Servius
Dec 21 2006, 18:32
Forum: News
Topic: Legends of the Ancients Opens
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Legends of the Ancients Opens

Wow, this looks awesome! Good luck to Marzhin and all of his co-workers on this!
by Alais_Servius
Nov 21 2006, 15:54
Forum: News
Topic: Spin the Skill Wheel Again
Replies: 19
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Spin the Skill Wheel Again

A great and most useful tool! Excellent work Aurelain!
by Alais_Servius
Oct 24 2006, 23:56
Forum: News
Topic: Dark Messiah Cinematic Trailer
Replies: 18
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Dark Messiah Cinematic Trailer

I watched it again earlier and it's my all-time favorite game trailer. Kudos to Ubisoft, who are masters of the genre in my book.

- I agree! I love the trailer, it's really awesome looking. I can't wait to get my hands on this game now!
by Alais_Servius
Sep 25 2006, 13:46
Forum: News
Topic: Jon Van Caneghem Returns
Replies: 22
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Jon Van Caneghem Returns

Very interesting! I wish them good luck
by Alais_Servius
Sep 7 2006, 22:51
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Solmyr Returns in Ashan
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Solmyr Returns in Ashan

I can't really understand all the nagging! Come on, people, this is great! I personally love the work so far. Perhaps you could be so very, very, very nice to make (some) female models for the various classes too? Pretty please?
by Alais_Servius
Aug 30 2006, 21:09
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V: Hammers of Fate
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Heroes V: Hammers of Fate

"We get our first images of the new anti-haven/renegade town too"

Yeah, I noticed. What's the idea behind that town?
by Alais_Servius
Aug 30 2006, 18:56
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V: Hammers of Fate
Replies: 77
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Heroes V: Hammers of Fate

"I am wondering though, how will they be able to finish this by the end of the year? "

Yeah, good question. Perhaps they have indeed worked on it for some time now: Who knows?
Anyways, great news. If done right (and with no NEW problems introduced) this will definitly rock
by Alais_Servius
Jul 31 2006, 16:44
Forum: News
Topic: Fabrice Answers Questions Too
Replies: 30
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Fabrice Answers Questions Too

I do not see his post as "just propaganda" and I do not see a whine in his post. I do see a whole lot of whining going on around here.

Patience people. That's the clue.
by Alais_Servius
Jul 26 2006, 19:11
Forum: Articles
Topic: Utopia in a Month
Replies: 135
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First Month Utopia

VERY impressive article! Great strategy here!
by Alais_Servius
Jul 17 2006, 14:33
Forum: News
Topic: Ghosts of the Past Continues
Replies: 8
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Ghosts of the Past Continues

Wow! Incredible work, Vlaad! I love this! Please, you just have to continue this! Solmyr and Sandro...the dynamite duo :P
by Alais_Servius
Jul 6 2006, 14:32
Forum: News
Topic: Patch 1.2 News
Replies: 42
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Patch 1.2 News

I fully agree with davhey and Lord_Haart. If it's something the Heroes community can, it is to complain. Nothing seems to be good enough for you guys! Lord Haart: "Why do people forget why H4 was such a flop so quickly?" And to add: Why has everybody forgotten that if it weren't for Ubi and Nival, w...

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