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by Ranger762
Dec 31 2019, 14:40
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: The Chaos Conspiracy Redone
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Re: The Chaos Conspiracy Redone

Thanks for the little guide through the remake of the game! I'll download it ASAP, I'm supposed to come up with a detailed report on investments in this Nice real estate by mid January but, well, a couple hours of gaming won't hurt, right?
by Ranger762
Dec 31 2019, 12:20
Forum: Hall of the Heretics
Topic: The Witcher series
Replies: 58
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Re: The Witcher series

I was wondering, is the TV series finished yet, or are more episodes yet to come? I'd like to watch it all in one sitting or something as close to it as possible as I'm a huge fan of the book and game series.
by Ranger762
Dec 31 2019, 10:43
Forum: Heroes VII
Topic: Map Editor
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Re: Map Editor

Well, I know people talked about it in 2015, but I don't think it's worrying or disrespectful to the game that people were talking about the map editor; quite the contrary! It means that they have high expectations towards the game, and that no matter how much effort the devs put into their product,...
by Ranger762
Dec 30 2019, 20:25
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Heroes 3 Ballista Build
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Re: Heroes 3 Ballista Build

Yeah, a ballista build is definitely more of an early game thing; it's quite the unpleasant surprise when you're steamrolling everyone in the beginning of the game with your artillery and then start getting overwhelmed by stacked creatures!

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