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by Amgor II
Jul 22 2008, 4:30
Forum: News
Topic: Time to Talk Heroes 6?
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Time to Talk Heroes 6?

If anyone is tired of waiting for Heroes of Might and Magic 6
I highly recommend you try and old, but great game..

Age of Wonders II. You can even boost the graphics up to made it look really good.
by Amgor II
Nov 20 2007, 3:53
Forum: News
Topic: Another Five for Tribes
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Another Five for Tribes

Tribes Of The East....I just finish a few campaigns I say they sure
better then a 5... I would say at least an 8/9
by Amgor II
Sep 5 2007, 23:38
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes 5 isn't a true Heroes of Might & Magic game.
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When 3DO/NWC when down the tubes.. I was glad to see someone jump in and take over Heroes of Might and Magic series.

I don't care who did it as long as I can still play HM&M.

And if someone else takes as long as the games keep coming.
by Amgor II
Apr 13 2007, 23:58
Forum: News
Topic: Pocket Heroes Coming Soon
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Pocket Heroes Coming Soon

Pocket Heroes.. What kind of system is that?
Maybe Telephone?
by Amgor II
Apr 6 2007, 15:37
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Tribes of the East Screenshot
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Tribes of the East Screenshot

I agree with Boromir... There's enough Dragons already.
I hate to see the Behemoth left out.
Somehow maybe down the road the Mighty Gorgon will appear?

No Behemoth in TGW either?
by Amgor II
Apr 5 2007, 19:06
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East Announced
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Tribes of the East Announced

How come only 5 single player maps???????????
by Amgor II
Dec 14 2006, 22:36
Forum: News
Topic: The Dark Misogynist
Replies: 77
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The Dark Misogynist

What's up with all this?? I remember when there was no women in games at all, now theres a lot.
by Amgor II
Dec 3 2006, 23:56
Forum: News
Topic: GameSpy Reviews HoF
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GameSpy Reviews HoF

It seems like all the so-called experts don’t like the cut scenes,
but I enjoy them as it seem like down-to-earth type of stuff, plus I laugh like crazy. Damn, I like every thing about the expansion.

Having great fun, and that's what counts.
by Amgor II
Sep 3 2006, 0:06
Forum: News
Topic: Renegade Units Listed
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Renegade Units Listed

Looks like the Mountain clan from Disciples II got somehow teleported into the wrong territory.
by Amgor II
Jul 22 2006, 2:16
Forum: News
Topic: Patch 1.2 Now Available
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Patch 1.2 Now Available

I download the patch and this is the results.

Heroes of Might and Magic V is not installed. Patch cannot be applied.

I do have Patch 1.1 installed.....Some kind of a joke?
by Amgor II
Jul 5 2006, 3:58
Forum: News
Topic: Two New Maps this Month
Replies: 27
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Two New Maps this Month

Maybe its another way to count how many players own the game
by Amgor II
Jun 25 2006, 22:52
Forum: News
Topic: Server Downtime
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Server Downtime

The only bandwith I know of is a rubber band about one-quarter of an inch wide, which I got on my birthday from my wife:)

Just glad everything is OK
by Amgor II
Jun 24 2006, 23:50
Forum: News
Topic: AC Interview Translation
Replies: 8
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AC Interview Translation

I guess it's good if you can read in French!

Hey this is America...where's English?
by Amgor II
Jun 20 2006, 2:24
Forum: News
Topic: CH Heroes 5 Manual Complete!
Replies: 66
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CH Heroes 5 Manual Complete!

What an Amazing great job
by Amgor II
Jun 1 2006, 22:11
Forum: News
Topic: More Eights, and a Beating
Replies: 19
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More Eights, and a Beating

I believe the very worst thing in Heroes V is: If you should get stuck in the Haven campaign which is the first campaign you are all done because you must finish one campaign before you can play another. So that just leaves you with what ever scenarios that came with the game you purchase. The Haven...
by Amgor II
May 27 2006, 21:47
Forum: News
Topic: GameSpy Review Now Online
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GameSpy Review Now Online

What ever the end result ratings are for Heroes V so-called experts, or who-ever does it I can care less... I really like the game and waiting for more.

And for sure it better then playing Heroes 2, 3 and even 4 over and over again.
by Amgor II
May 27 2006, 21:25
Forum: News
Topic: More Campaign Walkthroughs
Replies: 7
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More Campaign Walkthroughs

I finish The Haven Campaign and I'm wondering if the ending can be change, or that's the end don't matter what you do???
by Amgor II
May 27 2006, 0:43
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V Tops U.K. Charts
Replies: 22
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Heroes V Tops U.K. Charts

Sounds Great to me
by Amgor II
May 18 2006, 3:27
Forum: News
Topic: Watch a Movie... While You Wait
Replies: 15
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Watch a Movie... While You Wait

I ordered the Deluxe Edition (Black Box) through UBi and got my game Yesterday. I didn’t get the Gold coin. Hopefully they have a expansion quick, as there’s not many single player scenarios. I got the 3extra scenarios (No clue which ones)and the totals other then the campaigns are 1-Normal, 4- Big,...
by Amgor II
May 8 2006, 21:53
Forum: Articles
Topic: Spin the Skill Wheel
Replies: 363
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Skill Wheel

The amount of time and work to put that together must of been a labor of love, and sure one great job.

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