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by Prince_of_Thieves
Oct 28 2020, 14:36
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: Might & Magic VII - Remake?
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Re: Might & Magic VII - Remake?

Hi! Amazing job! It’s certainly worth to try to finish the demo! Here are few “pro” arguments: 1) that’s fun! 2) it inspires artists and people who feel “soul connected” with the universe! Really, believe me, every little screenshot made in new graphics (and you did it very well) is heating communit...
by Prince_of_Thieves
Jan 28 2019, 16:19
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: New Sorpigal Unreal Engine 4
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Re: New Sorpigal Unreal Engine 4

My God, this is AMAZING. :-D What more to live for if not to see THIS? If youn don’t mind, i’m making series of posts about your projects in russian community (more than 3k fans) and other social networks, dedicated to might and magic (facebook page @love.enroth). I am pretty sure you can find a tea...

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