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by Reverb
04 Feb 2023, 10:09
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: MM7 new modding
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Re: MM7 new modding

Hey sorry for a question which probably gets asked a lot; what mod is that that gives you widescreen support/a cleaner UI?
oops I was being dumb, greyface's patch does it, but you have to enable it in the ini
by Reverb
31 Jul 2018, 10:59
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: My M&M Assets repacked & reuploaded (updated genie + old MMX characters)
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Re: MM7 Portraits Retouching & the rest of my stuff, too, actually

Hey, first off; these are awesome, I can't believe this isn't getting more attention.... well, for a game that's older than me it makes sense... lol. Second (if anyone is still around to answer) what's the best way to get the .pcx files into the game? I've only been using MM7EDIT because I have no i...

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