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by rust888
Nov 23 2006, 1:43
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: The invasion - bloody pain in my neck
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personally, when i played this map i avoided that elven army like the plague. once i saw them coming, i armed isabel with a decent army, ran her up north and shoved her in a sanctuary for the rest of the map. then mopped up with malak. that elven army usually will take one of ur southern bases and s...
by rust888
Nov 21 2006, 22:26
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: marksman: righteous might or bless?
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marksman: righteous might or bless?

always wondered;

which one do you guys usually go with? righteous might to increase their attk? or bless to increase their damage (which has a pretty big range; 2-8)

which spell would result in more damage?
by rust888
Nov 16 2006, 14:39
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Your favorite Multiplayer Haven Hero?
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gotta love running halfway across the map in late game
by rust888
Nov 12 2006, 19:53
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: 1.4 problems, post yours here!
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since 1.4 for me, massive slowdown in AI turns. in 1.3 and before, the AI took about 30 secs max (for 3 AI players). after i installed 1.4, it's about 1 minute EACH. assuming i use my turn quickly, that's about 5 mins for each day, or half an hr for a week....

**anxiously waits for 1.5**
by rust888
Oct 23 2006, 0:19
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: How do I install new maps?
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where is the data directory? on the CD or in the HOMM V folder?
by rust888
Sep 16 2006, 1:44
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: the triumverate
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the triumverate

hi all, im having a really hard time with the final battle of this map. i was wondering if u guys had any pointers? between the swarming of the spawning undead units, expert mass confusion and slow, my units either never get a chance to attk or get overwhelmed by the sheer number of units on the fie...
by rust888
Jul 20 2006, 14:32
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Heroes V Easter Eggs
Replies: 73
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"Week of Footman
Double growth for Footmen and Swordsmen"

hit this twice in one map when i was playing haven. got about 240+ footman outta that :-D . guess how many inquisitors i had after that week? ;)
by rust888
Jun 29 2006, 15:24
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: imbue arrow ability
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imbue arrow ability

k this will probably seem like a complete n00bs question, but ill ask it anyways: how do you use the imbue arrow ability? after you click the ability and choose a spell, does the hero just attack normally? (ie, just point and shoot a creature) Or do u have to click the ability again to activate it a...
by rust888
Jun 25 2006, 23:47
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: warlock campaign: map 5
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warlock campaign: map 5

how did u guys go thru this map? im wondering how to minimize causalties (with ridiculous creature stacks on the whole map)and if i should bother defeating the enemy heroes? (im thinking of just stuffing the female hero, whose name i forget, into the sancturary, since she has no army. last thing, di...
by rust888
Jun 19 2006, 14:34
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: warlock campaign: the expansion
Replies: 3
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warlock campaign: the expansion

does any1 have a map with all the obelisks locations? ive got all of them except for 1 but cant find it . i think it's near the last orange castle at the bottom right corner. i also dont wanna spend another month running around looking for it. :|
by rust888
Jun 16 2006, 3:16
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: necropolis campaign: the invasion map
Replies: 4
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necropolis campaign: the invasion map

ive been working thru the campaign, but got stuck on this map. i'd like to know how most of you got thru it. the biggest problem i encountered: how the hell did u defeatl the elven army?? isabel cant recruit cavaliers + angels, which u need to kill his archers (4 huge stacks of master hunters and dr...
by rust888
Jan 25 2006, 18:04
Forum: News
Topic: Please Save Heroes V
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Please Save Heroes V

push the launch date back. better to have a polished game at the end of the year, then a game filled with bugs early in the year.

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