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by Beriand
Jun 6 2018, 16:26
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: [H4] What Determines Offered Skills On Level Up?
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Re: [H4] What Determines Offered Skills On Level Up?

This table from Heroes Corner is all I ever seen about this matter. It doesn't show the pictures properly (at least for me) but you can see the "weights" of each skill depending on the hero class on the crossing of primary skills. Can't say how reliable the numbers are nor how they were c...
by Beriand
Apr 24 2018, 15:54
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: George Almond's art
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Re: George Almond's art

Great artwork, playing H IV with Hexx will never be the same again though. :D
by Beriand
May 25 2017, 17:08
Forum: Articles
Topic: Jennifer Bullard - Lost manuscript files
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Re: Jennifer Bullard - Lost manuscript files

Those are real Lost Tales of Axeoth!
I've been waiting for years for such a lore compendium. Wonderful to see so much background info about this mysterious world. Great thanks to
Corlagon, iLiVeInAbOx05, Erwinner and Karmakeld.
by Beriand
Oct 13 2016, 15:13
Forum: News
Topic: H4 Map Generator Updated
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Re: H4 Map Generator Updated

Hm, standard maps doesn't work? This explains a lot. Yeah, I thought I am just too dumb to run it. :D Glad to hear this problem will be fixed. But now it seems not to display S-sized maps properly. The minimap is completely distorted. I also got some graphical glitches (maybe from trying to load no...
by Beriand
Sep 5 2016, 14:24
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: Heroes 4 equilibris v3.51
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Re: Heroes 4 equilibris v3.51

johnnycage wrote: when i go 2 the map editor the artifact is not listed.

You can add it manually to the editor via Tools --> Customize and then edit the object tab, search in the list for the "artifacts.Helms.Griffin helm". :)
Or just drag'n'drop it from any Equi map.

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