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by Lomedae
Apr 26 2016, 17:47
Forum: Heroes VII
Topic: Trial By Fire - The Dwarf expansion
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Trial By Fire - The Dwarf expansion

Well, it's officially announced, with a June 2nd release. ... al-by-fire

Let's see what they have in store.
by Lomedae
Nov 5 2015, 9:34
Forum: Heroes VII
Topic: Steam Holiday Sale?
Replies: 9
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Re: Steam Holiday Sale?

Pretty sure it will be on sale, but in the 25% or 33% bracket. It's way too new for a 50% or 66% sale.
by Lomedae
Oct 29 2015, 14:43
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (unofficial)
Replies: 75
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Re: Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (unofficial)

There are a few example maps Epic, Ultima etc you can try to start with, be sure to have RNG map checked in the map selection.
If you want to play a fresh map you'll need to use the included map generator, and reference the manual for the correct parameters to select.
by Lomedae
Sep 7 2015, 6:45
Forum: Heroes VII
Topic: If you could give the Might & Magic IP to any company...
Replies: 24
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Re: If you could give the Might & Magic IP to any company...

Blizzard. Their execution of every game they do is almost flawless. They also have the confidence and resources to take a bit of a risk with games and gameplay. And they have but that actually works, compared to that ubi monstrosity.
by Lomedae
Sep 3 2015, 12:31
Forum: Heroes VII
Topic: The Beta: Impressions
Replies: 106
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Re: The Beta: Impressions

My profile is comparable to Madaxe, and I actually agree with most of the game play points made. I like the overall graphic style, and I think it's well executed and has a definite charm. What I really do not like is the big influence the special weeks have on the game, I played a game where 2nd wee...
by Lomedae
Oct 9 2014, 22:39
Forum: News
Topic: H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 4.
Replies: 4
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H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 4.

Well put mr.hackcrag. The problem is the writers employed by Ubisoft think they are Tolkiens, but they're not even Robert Jordans. Trying to divine any meaning from Ubisoft's weird policy decisions is quite pointless however. They do what they do, and hopefully they stumbled upon a studio that salva...
by Lomedae
Oct 3 2014, 12:04
Forum: News
Topic: Sylvan Lineup, New Faction Vote
Replies: 27
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Sylvan Lineup, New Faction Vote

No Unicorns and no Phoenix... Disappointing. I suspect lots of people voted the name not the units.
by Lomedae
Aug 13 2014, 13:42
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes VII Announced
Replies: 68
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Heroes VII Announced

Time to be cautiously optimistic. Lord knows why but I am still an optimist. It is unlikely they bollocks it up like the travesty called HVI so the franchise might bounce back after all.

Fingers crossed.
by Lomedae
Aug 2 2014, 23:25
Forum: News
Topic: H3: MYTH
Replies: 14
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Sounds like a fun project, hope they get to finish it.
by Lomedae
Apr 1 2014, 21:26
Forum: News
Topic: The End of CH
Replies: 14
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The End of CH

I am assuming important news like this would never come out on April 1st if it weren't a prank. No matter how godawful Ubi is treating the franchise and how mind-boggling bad the last version is, there is always hope for a good Heroes game somewhere in the future. And until then there's always II, I...
by Lomedae
Oct 6 2013, 23:45
Forum: News
Topic: New Games, Old Feel?
Replies: 34
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New Games, Old Feel?

I appreciate the sentiment and reasoning that went into this post. But I think it's totally wrongs as it pertains to the Might and Magic fandom. All we want is quality games. And we have not gotten them for ages. It's not nostalgia at all, you could not pay me to play any kind of new incarnation of ...
by Lomedae
Mar 21 2013, 22:46
Forum: News
Topic: Might and Magic X Trailer!
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Might and Magic X Trailer!

Their track record in handling the franchise is pretty dismal. I really hope they don't destroy what's left of Might and Magic. That said, they do seem to push the right retro buttons so far. Wait and see I guess.
by Lomedae
Aug 18 2012, 15:53
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Revenge of the "of MM" titles (Gamescom 2012)
Replies: 30
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The Chinese Heroes of Might and Magic Online was a godawful bad game, I ran not walked from it in the beta and was actually pleased to get a mail recently that this travesty was shut down. It's sad to see the reason was that Ubi wants to milk it themselves. Once they are done with the brand it might...
by Lomedae
Sep 30 2011, 10:12
Forum: News
Topic: Week of Q&A
Replies: 5
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Week of Q&A

they do know how to spin their game. I have been trying to play the beta on and off, but I just can't seem to motivate myself. It certainly not feels like a heroes game to me. I am a bit infuriated by the answer about complexity - the stuff they simplified WAS THE STUFF I LIKED ABOUT HEROES. The stu...
by Lomedae
Jul 6 2008, 9:57
Forum: News
Topic: The Rise and Fall of Sandro
Replies: 54
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The Rise and Fall of Sandro

I played through the III and IV maps, and I found them to be engrossing and a lot of fun to play. Good job!
by Lomedae
May 8 2006, 7:56
Forum: Articles
Topic: Spin the Skill Wheel
Replies: 363
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Skill Wheel

Excellent, very impressive :)
by Lomedae
Apr 29 2006, 10:32
Forum: News
Topic: The Genesis of Ashan
Replies: 9
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The Genesis of Ashan

Puts the feeble efforts of the Cranky Hero to shame. Penny Arcade ftw :P
by Lomedae
Apr 13 2006, 17:49
Forum: News
Topic: The Demo is Out! The Demo is Out!
Replies: 124
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The Demo is Out! The Demo is Out!

It's also avaliable on Fileplanet.
680 mb/s for subscribers. Yum.

Edited on Thu, Apr 13 2006, 11:50 by Lomedae
by Lomedae
Jan 29 2006, 16:24
Forum: News
Topic: News Supression Pact
Replies: 128
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News Supression Pact

This is the biggest nonsense I've seen in ages. And to think I once respected this site. By going along with the crackpots and children Celestial Heavens has shown that it is just another immature kiddie-project. BAH. You all are have already done more harm to the credibility of the HOMM community t...
by Lomedae
Jan 25 2006, 9:21
Forum: News
Topic: Please Save Heroes V
Replies: 90
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Please Save Heroes V

Well I'll de-lurk for a moment here to try and give a needed (IMHO) divergent perspective. On what basis do people think that the finished game will not be a finished product, and what qualifies them to decide? This seems to be the justification:"he game needs to be thoroughly tested, features final...

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