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by M1ghty^brother
Feb 3 2014, 11:50
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: [NSFW] vladimir-maestro's MM7 mod
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i installed the mod over an original, & I forgot to apply grayface's & original mm7 patches.
do i have to reinstall all stuff for the mod to work properly ?
& the sequence should be - mm7 - official patch - grayface patch - mod files?
by M1ghty^brother
Dec 9 2012, 12:15
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: The Chaos Conspiracy has been released!
Replies: 938
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hello! I suppose there are no jump & fly in the mod ? ( I think so since i saw no spellbooks for those 2 spells in the air guild & I haven't found any scrolls neither looting mosnters ,nor in the chests ) Dld detailed pdf maps for the mod & saw only 1 expert air trainer, the default one ...

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