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by Exarch
Aug 3 2011, 20:07
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Wings and Water
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Wings and Water

I think that the muscular creature is supposed to be a Kappa. A mythological creature of Japanese origin. It would explain the head being filled with water, in any case.
by Exarch
Jul 29 2011, 0:37
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: noobish question for HOMM3
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The second hero is also ideal for picking up loose resources around the map. I wouldn't want to waste precious movement points with my main hero picking up a pile of ore or wood.
by Exarch
Jul 29 2011, 0:33
Forum: News
Topic: Faction Environment Video
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Faction Environment Video

I take it that Sanctuary is Sylvan's incarnation?
by Exarch
Jul 27 2011, 4:46
Forum: Articles
Topic: Heroes VI Model Page
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Hero Models

I love how the appearance of the hero can be selectable. Definitely worth checking out!
by Exarch
Jul 26 2011, 22:34
Forum: Articles
Topic: New Academy Guide
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Academy Guide 3.1

Thank you for the guide. I can now fully appreciate the intricacies of Academy stratagems.

I have always loved the Academy art-style and design, but found myself losing a lot when choosing that faction. With this guide, I might be able to pocket a few wins here and there.
by Exarch
Jul 26 2011, 18:58
Forum: News
Topic: Video: Archangel Michael
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Video: Archangel Michael

This is a nice looking figurine. The details are sharp and the paint job looks decent. However, I wish they would have given us a closer look of the face.
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