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by The Chosen One
Apr 26 2011, 13:45
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Topic: Clash of Heroes First Reviews
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Clash of Heroes First Reviews

Amazingly fun, balanced and great game. Mustbuy.
by The Chosen One
Apr 26 2011, 13:44
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Topic: Another Heroes Complete
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Another Heroes Complete

Heroes 5 is pretty cool. The combat system and spells/abilities are fun and bring something new. Haven't tried the skillwheel yet. Heroes 3 feels cooler somehow but Heroes 5 is fairly alright. Heroes 4 simply sucks. Heros on the field, weird units, diagonal battlefield and other stuff (yes I do own ...
by The Chosen One
Apr 26 2011, 10:07
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Topic: Academy Walkthrough Complete
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The Mage → The Alliance

The first Sylvanna Ancient is in the bottomright.
The SECOND Sylvanna Ancient is slightly above the town Northcross (top left town). Use your right mouse button to find it. Its very hard to see.

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