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by Dj0rel
Feb 27 2012, 23:16
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Topic: Quiz: Round #10
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Quiz: Round #10

Dark Champions are mounted too. So I guess it can go up to 7.
by Dj0rel
Feb 18 2012, 1:50
Forum: News
Topic: Quiz: Round #7
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Quiz: Round #7

13. They're all (different shades of) green. I think
14. 74 - Summon Devil with Power Drain, Magic Leech and Plate Mail.
by Dj0rel
Dec 23 2010, 22:31
Forum: Articles
Topic: Wizard Creatures
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Wizard Creatures

To kill 1 Black Dragon you need at least 390 Peasants. To kill 1 titan you need at least 660 Peasants. Those who think that Black Dragons are cooler should think about that.
by Dj0rel
Nov 29 2010, 23:05
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: Wishes ideas and proposals for the next version
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Is it possible to enhance spells. There are many spells that are pretty much useless. For example: Hypnotize. Basic: Target, enemy troop of less than ((Power x 25) + 10) Health is put under your control. Allied troops may attack hypnotized troop without fear of retaliation. Advanced: Same as Basic E...
by Dj0rel
Nov 29 2010, 18:59
Forum: Articles
Topic: Tower
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If Lord of Thunder shoots twice then he doesn't fight equally well at long range and melee.
Edited on Tue, Nov 30 2010, 13:32 by Dj0rel
by Dj0rel
Nov 26 2010, 14:48
Forum: Equilibris
Topic: Town Gate
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The thing I miss about Town Gate in H4 as opposed to H3 is the ability to select what town you can go to. I know many players like it this way, but I don't. I wanna select towns not go to the nearest one. I discovered a little trick that can at least a little compensate for the lack of ability to s...

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