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by RedViper
Dec 9 2008, 18:37
Forum: Campfire
Topic: Welcome! Come and introduce yourself
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Name: RedViper Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 6 feet Weight: 75kg (?) Ethnic background: Scandinavian Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Country: Sweden Region: Stockholm Language: Swedish, english (some french and italian) Religion: Atheist Zodiac: Virgo (9/11!) Siblings: One and a half Marital statu...
by RedViper
Dec 9 2008, 18:07
Forum: Campfire
Topic: TV shows (Spoilers!)
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The best show ever is Buffy, without a doubt!

Currently I don't watch much TV, but I tend to follow Terminator.
by RedViper
Dec 8 2008, 20:08
Forum: Campfire
Topic: [NSFW] Dream guys thread!
Replies: 280
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I'd say Jack Harkness is quite handsome...

by RedViper
Dec 8 2008, 20:06
Forum: Campfire
Topic: [NSFW] Dream Girls #2
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M.I.A. http://cm1.dotsp...
by RedViper
Dec 8 2008, 17:12
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: Best Heroes III Maps to download (from here)
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Try my map, " A New Enemy ". I created this map many years ago, but I've added some details ever since. This is an XL-map with much detailes, free faction-chosing, no complete towns, no time-limit etc. Theres some story but the map is not story driven. This spring (I believe) I made my lat...

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