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by TheJet
Jan 27 2007, 18:03
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Necromany changes in 2.1 (take a seat: you'll need it)
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So... I take it I should finish up the Necromancer campaign before I apply the patch then... I'm still on track to hit the Necro ultimate ability, and I'd hate to have wasted all that time up to this point... Sounds like the skill wheel will need to have some changes after this update.
by TheJet
Jan 22 2007, 21:35
Forum: News
Topic: There Goes My Hero... 1.4
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There Goes My Hero... 1.4

I've gotten the Phantom forces issue a few times [simply because I didn't believe it could possibly be that :) ], I've also gotten the same, repeatable crash when playing with hired elementals. Specifically when the water elemental stack happened to get killed off by an Emerald Dragon in the second-...
by TheJet
Sep 13 2006, 21:39
Forum: News
Topic: Patch 1.3 and Editor Now Available
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Patch 1.3 and Editor Now Available

Same CRC issues here with US Limited Edition, this is getting silly.
by TheJet
Mar 20 2006, 19:06
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V Collector's Edition
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Heroes V Collector's Edition

Hrm, contest is only open to France, Great Britian and Germany... There's 1000 copies available to other folks, but they aren't included in the contest.

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