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by Debaguls
Jul 3 2008, 22:17
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: Might and Magic 6-8 resource editors
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zipi wrote:a guy named mm8leveleditor (maybe, he made the mm8leveleditor tool?) writes about opening hwl file, but it is a very old post 2005...

The guy is called Mike Kienenberger and he writes about it at Telps MM8 forum:
by Debaguls
Jul 3 2008, 22:13
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: MM FAQ/Walkthrough list
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jeff4815 wrote:What do each of those patches do before I decide to download them?

You can read more about each unofficial patch at
On each board MOK has explained what his patches do.
And MM9 has a section about the Unofficial patch on the main page.

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