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by mns3dhm
Oct 10 2015, 19:14
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Topic: Placebo Effect in Games
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Re: Placebo Effect in Games

So write your review already Kalah; Celestial Heavens used to be a thought leader concerning 'all things Might and Magic'. The notion that waiting to post a review until the game is 'patched', 'bug fixed', 'balanced' or 'stabilized' is a bad idea. Stand up and say what you think or by the time you d...
by mns3dhm
Apr 25 2015, 16:44
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Topic: H7 Collectors Ed. Available in US
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H7 Collectors Ed. Available in US

I could care less about art books, lithographs, tarot decks, sound tracks, and the figurine would go in the trash. I would like to get the game beta simply because I would get the game sooner but there is no way I am giving Ubi money now and then have to wait four or more months for a delivery. Basi...
by mns3dhm
Jul 20 2014, 17:56
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Topic: What Comes Next?
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What Comes Next?

My guess is there is no what comes next at this juncture. Ubi has failed to produce a commercial or financial success with either franchise. The best you can hope for is they sell the rights to someone who can do better.
by mns3dhm
Jul 23 2012, 19:30
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Topic: Have Your Say: The Pirates Story
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Have Your Say: The Pirates Story

The campaign story was fine, but it is way too short. I finished the entire thing in two days. Give me a break.
by mns3dhm
Jul 17 2012, 2:47
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Topic: Uplay Or Not To Play
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Uplay Or Not To Play

The best comment at the official site was UPlay should be renamed UDon'tPlay.
by mns3dhm
Jan 9 2012, 19:21
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Topic: Forummigration
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Ubisoft Forum migration

Delayed. Well, what did you expect from...


What a bunch of dolts.

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