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by oqix
Apr 1 2008, 13:49
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: Wishes ideas and proposals for the next version
Replies: 152
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I like HoMaM 3 and I like wog it is perfect comeback for this game.
I have only one wish and it is increase stability of this mod, separately
problem with playing against AI.
by oqix
Mar 27 2008, 9:40
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: Buglist
Replies: 99
Views: 71695

WoG version 3.58f I encountered a strange bug, and I find it strange that noone mentioned it, because I (and some friends of mine) encountered it on about 7 different PCs, with different OP systems, different hardware. The error consists in freezeing the game. As far as I know it can only be found ...

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