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by schiz
Mar 26 2008, 0:34
Forum: Wake of Gods
Topic: Buglist
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WoG version 3.58f I encountered a strange bug, and I find it strange that noone mentioned it, because I (and some friends of mine) encountered it on about 7 different PCs, with different OP systems, different hardware. The error consists in freezeing the game. As far as I know it can only be found ...
by schiz
Feb 27 2008, 5:47
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: Why hasn't HOMM series won many more fans?
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First impressions really did hurt 5. The way objects on the adventure map were (still are) scaled, the confusing interface, poorly worded (or nonexistant) skill and artifact descriptions, obvious imbalances, and a piddling selection of maps with no editor to create new ones; put together, those iss...
by schiz
Feb 27 2008, 5:09
Forum: Heroes I-IV
Topic: H3 - Game Notes - Not so known facts.
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Was cloning angels mentioned?

You can clone a stack of angels that will be able to cast a ressurection spell. This will work even if the original stack already casted. If the stack is killed it can be repeated as long as you have the required spell points.

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