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by NoSanninWa
Jun 16 2006, 8:34
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Topic: GoGamer 48 Hour Madness
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GoGamer 48 Hour Madness

If this is the European version, then purchasing this will mean that you'll need to get the European version of the supplement as well as the European patches. That could be a pain to have to make sure all the supplements I purchase are the European version. I'll stick with buying the US version. Do...
by NoSanninWa
Oct 8 2005, 15:30
Forum: News
Topic: More Answers from Nival
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What? Marksmen LOSE the area attack ability when they upgrade?!

Are the marksmen so much better that it is worth losing the ability, or is it generally considered a penalty to attack an area, like the Lichs in Heroes 3? (Maybe a combination of the two?)
by NoSanninWa
May 18 2005, 7:08
Forum: News
Topic: Two Town Names Confirmed
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Well I suppose it is nice that they are still using the same names as in the previous games. I for one am glad to see any sign of continuity with the series.

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