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by Zutus
Oct 15 2015, 22:49
Forum: Heroes VII
Topic: Bug reports after patch 1.2
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Re: Bug reports after patch 1.2

Outnumbering ability messes up the interface: units you put in the 8th and 9th slot while deploying, don't show up in your hero's army after battle. Making it impossible to add new or trade creatures. Sometimes during the tactics phase the stack can disappear. Also they sometimes appear to get lost ...
by Zutus
Aug 9 2009, 15:21
Forum: News
Topic: Animated Town Screen
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Animated Town Screen Videos

Heroes III 's barbariantown and Heroes IV's order town are my absolute favourites! :)
by Zutus
Sep 9 2007, 11:37
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East in October?
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Tribes of the East in October?

I think it's only fair that america in turn has to wait for a game a while longer, and besides it's only a month. In europe we are screwed over a lot with cool games not even being released here. It concerns the console market more than pc but still...
by Zutus
Aug 5 2007, 23:41
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East Boxshot
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Tribes of the East Boxshot

I believe it looks nice. It wouldn't make much sense if they decided to not continue the art in the same line as the previous boxshots. It makes the game more recognisable aswell on the shelves imo
by Zutus
Nov 18 2005, 17:22
Forum: News
Topic: Nival Artwork Contest Submissions
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Although I agree that the first picture is really amazing, I'm kinda bothered with the dead angel's arm. It looks way too short :s
by Zutus
May 19 2005, 13:54
Forum: News
Topic: Gamespot Preview
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The bone dragon thing seems like a campaign feature to me. Remember that the human faction calls on the aid of the necromancers to defeat the inferno's. Maybe the necro's want to steal some souls in return for their help...

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