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by Telumehtar
Mar 15 2013, 14:21
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Topic: Heroes Online Q&A
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Heroes Online Q&A

Little but nice update, I guess a good question for later interviews is whether they plan on using the same on-line currency as in their other browser game, Heroes Kingdoms (seals).
by Telumehtar
Nov 15 2012, 18:56
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Topic: Do You Still Play?
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Do You Still Play?

I play now and then, haven't finished the main campaign yet. But that says a lot for me, previous games (3-4 & 5) couldn't put down before finishing the campaigns. If the game was as good as its now at release, I believe I would have finished it also. Somehow it made me lost the connection, forgot a...
by Telumehtar
Oct 7 2012, 21:27
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Topic: The Power of Reviews
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The Power of Reviews

I think you're right, but not entirely. If you drive a red car you actually have less chances to have an accident... :)
I was always against numbers in reviews. A system of "followers" would be much more appropriate.
by Telumehtar
Oct 4 2012, 21:56
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Topic: GOG Galore
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GOG Galore

and any fan of Master of Orion should check out also the project M.O.R.E. on kickstarter...
Edited on Thu, Oct 04 2012, 17:58 by Telumehtar
by Telumehtar
Oct 20 2007, 18:17
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Topic: GameSpot Gives Tribes a 5.5
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GameSpot Gives Tribes a 5.5

such people could review the 7 wonders of the world and find them repetitive... "'s a great pyramid, I don't know how they've built the thing but you know the stone wasn't the right color, looks very stony, the texture is tedious, so I'll give it a 3.6"
by Telumehtar
May 26 2007, 5:23
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Topic: H5 Deconstructed Continues
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Heroes V Deconstructed (2)

sorry for th off-topic post, there's a 404 message for "Battle´s land" map didn't know where I'm supposed to report it
by Telumehtar
Mar 29 2007, 12:38
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Topic: A New King's Bounty
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A New King's Bounty

very promising, when I first saw the article I have mistaken it for a secretly developed expansion...

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