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by Borny
May 23 2005, 14:02
Forum: News
Topic: More E3 Reports from the Old Makers
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Ohh, sounds so good! I can't wait!
by Borny
May 18 2005, 10:55
Forum: News
Topic: King and Romero: It's Official
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I think the "Irish music" in heroes 4 was very emotional and nice. I think melancholic music gives more soul to the game. Keep up the good work Rob King!
by Borny
May 18 2005, 10:52
Forum: News
Topic: More Heroes V screenshots
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I think it looks great!
by Borny
Mar 31 2005, 6:53
Forum: News
Topic: Screenshot Analysis
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This is just great!
by Borny
Mar 30 2005, 19:48
Forum: News
Topic: Ubisoft Announces Heroes V
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Finaly! I'm looking forward to this game! However, the link doesn't work here eather.

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