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by chester_a_r
Jun 5 2007, 19:44
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Topic: Necropolis Alternate Upgrades
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Necropolis Alternate Upgrades

just like Omega_Destroyer said, what's with the pinkish theme???I understood the inferno 'ashes' and stuff, but this pink represents nothing, and it is totally gay, above else...
by chester_a_r
Apr 11 2007, 20:28
Forum: News
Topic: Tribes of the East Announced
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Tribes of the East Announced

In the new information (russian) that Eternor has posted, does it say anything else about the alternative upgrades, except the denial that there will be new alternatives for heaven? (i apologize if this may have already been answered)_a_r
Edited on Wed, Apr 11 2007, 13:29 by chester_a_r
by chester_a_r
Mar 3 2007, 10:18
Forum: Modcrafting Guild
Topic: new hero classes
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new hero classes

Is it possible to create new hero classes for each race? I kind of miss the 2-hero type configuration per race from previous games....and I think it woulf be better if we had for each race a might hero and a magic hero, like in heroes 4 for example...for necropolis, as an example, death knight/necro...
by chester_a_r
Mar 3 2007, 0:11
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Topic: Mods
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I have asked this question on other forums...and I'll do so here....IS there any way to add new hero classes to each make each race have 2 classes each? something like...a might oriented class and a magic oriented one for each race....for example, death knight/necromancer for necropolis......

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