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by Moomaster
Mar 7 2007, 19:17
Forum: Hall of the Heretics
Topic: Might and Magic "like" games?
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Might and Magic "like" games?

Well, I was disappointed with Might and Magic 9, and without NWC and the "success" of Dark Messiah I kind of doubt they will try and recreate a "classic" Might and Magic RPG... So from those who are well versed in the RPG world, are there any RPGs comparable to might and magic in terms of gameplay/s...
by Moomaster
Mar 7 2007, 18:33
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: Ancient Weapons
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Ancient Weapons

Ugh... Personally after playing the Might and Magic games nothing ruined my play experience more than "Oh, by the way, we have laser guns!"


Sooo... Besides 6 and 7 are there any "decent" might and magic games that don't use Blasters by the endgame?
by Moomaster
Jan 14 2007, 5:47
Forum: Might and Magic
Topic: Help with M&M7
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Direct2Drive is the single best idea they've ever had. Sadly they only offer new software.

I would give an arm and a leg for them to do this for the old might and magic games. I've been looking in every store I can find for MM6, HoMM3, etc.

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