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by tetsumonkai
Apr 12 2006, 4:30
Forum: Articles
Topic: Jolly Joker`s Preview
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Jolly Joker`s Preview

ahh promotion. i hope they double is income.
by tetsumonkai
Feb 13 2006, 15:28
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes, Skills and Abilities, Oh My!
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Heroes, Skills and Abilities, Oh My! ... ties.shtml

I still think this page is better and explains alot more.
by tetsumonkai
Dec 22 2005, 12:58
Forum: News
Topic: New Facts from Heroic Corner
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Feels like they have the exact the same facts like the romanian magazine. Difference is that in the Romanian magazine they mention the fact that orcs wont be in any add-on either.
by tetsumonkai
Dec 20 2005, 21:32
Forum: News
Topic: Gamespy PC Games of the Year
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Well, i dont think Homm5 will suffer by the hands of publishers. They are beta testing like hell and it seems to me they are willing to spend some time on it before they release the game to the public, wich is good ofcourse.
by tetsumonkai
Dec 19 2005, 19:59
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Topic: Beyond Starforce
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"A person shouldn't have to go online to play single player games, that's total bogus." why shouldnt a person have to go online to play single player games? because we are used to not doing that? maybe if people could have stopped using piracy software then we wouldnt have this today. Now i just thi...
by tetsumonkai
Dec 19 2005, 19:29
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Topic: Nival Plans an Open Play Test
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Oranges for comeing? you could starve me and leave me to die and i would still come to play :P
by tetsumonkai
Dec 15 2005, 5:59
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Topic: Fabrice Bio
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Countries you’d like to visit?

* Australia, China, New York (again)


hehe New York? thats a city :D
by tetsumonkai
Dec 14 2005, 21:43
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Topic: Fourth Phase Registration?
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hehe it sure does, im hopeing to catch a spot. i wonder how long it takes to get an answer.
by tetsumonkai
Dec 13 2005, 20:53
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Topic: Screenshots
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If you know how to look at perspective drawings you should see that they are usual ships on the water.
by tetsumonkai
Dec 13 2005, 8:24
Forum: News
Topic: Beta Extended, Open Beta Delayed
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i dont understand why they just not start the 4th phase or open beta. they will still get the feedback right? that should still be the point... but nope.
by tetsumonkai
Dec 10 2005, 1:47
Forum: News
Topic: Hammer & Sickle Gets Hammered
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They should do like blizzard, add so many good online advantages in the retail version that you dont want a hacked game. the game will sell very good then.
by tetsumonkai
Nov 15 2005, 3:35
Forum: Articles
Topic: Academy Creatures
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Damn im getting tired about the whine about a gremling wearing a coat. Have you ever been in a desert? do you know how cold it is at night? they obviously have a reason for all the creatures they create and why they wear certain things. They have gone so deep with the facts for every little detail t...
by tetsumonkai
Sep 24 2005, 14:51
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Topic: Academy and Sylvan artwork
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No druid is not lvl 7 unit just because it has the biggest picture on the page, since necro has a lich as the biggest picture in the magazine.

my bet is lvl 7 unit = green dragon, upgraded = gold dragon.
as always.
by tetsumonkai
Sep 23 2005, 14:38
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Topic: Dungeon Info Revealed
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Ok seriously.. you are talking about nudity seen on a 3D model wich isnt more than a couple of polygons in a model file. Ok i need to complain, more nudity to the game...if we can cast spells that can blow up a whole battlescreen then you must realise that it would be possible to get the female crea...
by tetsumonkai
May 24 2005, 10:02
Forum: Articles
Topic: Fabrice Q&A (E3)
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hehe thats one big piece of crap :P
nothing intresting here at all...i dont even see the reason for this interview anymore ;P
by tetsumonkai
May 22 2005, 8:24
Forum: Articles
Topic: Sir Mullich's Preview
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Hey Fabrice. I really like what ive seen of the game so far, however id like to hear what you have to say about the plans for the interface and the hero portraits. Since the portrait of the hero in the demo looks kinda plain and dull i wonder if you have skipped the idea of cool mystical fantasy-lik...
by tetsumonkai
May 20 2005, 10:38
Forum: News
Topic: Additional E3 Previews
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quote from picture of the (day?):
The E3 is about to open its doors. Registration is under way, and our representative will meet Fabrice Cambounet in a couple of hours. Stay tuned for some exclusive info!


Have you met him yet or was that just a commercial teaser?
by tetsumonkai
May 18 2005, 13:35
Forum: News
Topic: Two Town Names Confirmed
Replies: 13
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I read in another site that it wasnt Haven at all but Humans.
by tetsumonkai
Mar 19 2005, 19:19
Forum: News
Topic: New Map: Lardyria
Replies: 1
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Any feedback would be great. If there is some elite players on this site they could tell me about balance and such.

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