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by Bayuer
May 16 2007, 22:57
Forum: News
Topic: Preview of the Sylvan Upgrades
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Preview of the Sylvan Upgrades

Gay dragon rulez! The Bladesingers looks gay too... What this scarf is hiding:D BTW. I Like what Nival is doing. They realy putting a lot o effort in this project. They want to give us more options and tactical thinking. +1 for that! Maybe the Rasta Treant? This beard is awesome... dude:D
by Bayuer
Oct 9 2006, 12:59
Forum: Modcrafting Guild
Topic: Stylish Combat Interface
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Hi... I just have one question. How change the color from that ugly red to the orginal dark green. This one thath shows how far diffrent creature can go. I just hope you know what i'm talking about.

Plz help.

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