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by tessraven
May 25 2006, 10:49
Forum: News
Topic: Gamespot gives Heroes V 8.2
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GameSpot Gives Heroes V 8.2

Heroes Reviews: Gamespot/Fans

H1: 7.5/8.2
H2: 8.1/8.8
H2x1: 6.0/8.3
H3: 9.1/9.3
H3x1: 8.0/8.8
H4: 8.8/8.5
H4x1: 7.0/8.0
H5: 8.2/8.9
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by tessraven
Jan 30 2006, 17:34
Forum: News
Topic: Heroes V Has Been Saved
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Heroes V Has Been Saved

"We saved Heroes?" It's amazing how half cocked the "Hommunity" behaves. "We" don't know if "we" had anything to do with Heroes' delay, and we still don't "know" if the end result will be a good or bad game. It's a given we all want a good game to play, but consider the events of the last few days. ...
by tessraven
Jan 29 2006, 18:22
Forum: News
Topic: News Supression Pact
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News Supression Pact

Is it just me, or did the "HoMMunity" just go from over zealous to temper tantrum?
by tessraven
Aug 17 2005, 6:00
Forum: News
Topic: Sir Mullich Interview
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Maybe you should both read the article, and do a little historical research. Greg quit because of managerial conflict with Mark Caldwell. Part of which was, "One fan was so angry at us for even considering introducing science fiction elements into the Heroes series that he sent a death threat to Gre...

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