plz help me with 1.4/ 2.0

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plz help me with 1.4/ 2.0

Postby fiur » Nov 30 2006, 21:01

I've made a map (dragon hill) I've edtied this map with the 2.0 map editor to enable the rune magic and the new arties.....
when I save this map in the map selection screen only Dragin Hill HoF shows not Dragon Hill 1.2
(yes I've edited the 1.2 version of the map with the 1.4 version of the map editor.....)
In the /map folder the shows p correctly..... plz help me.....

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Postby myythryyn » Nov 30 2006, 23:59

maybe you havnt changed the map name in the map properties window?

if you select map properties, right above where you type the map description, is a box for map name.
its that name that shows up in the map selection screen of the game, not the name you save it as.

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