[HoMM2] Editor Enhancements? (More Decorations, Double-Sized Things in Preview)

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[HoMM2] Editor Enhancements? (More Decorations, Double-Sized Things in Preview)

Unread postby Jo Li KMC » 25 Nov 2022, 09:35

Greetings. Long time no see, forum.

I've recently gotten back into Heroes of Might and Magic – specifically the first two games – and I've been tinkering with the map editor. Something I noticed in the first game's editor is that there are a lot of decoration objects. Divots in the grass, tiny cliffs, flowers, et cetera. In the Heroes II editor, though, it seems like a great many of these objects have been incorporated into the Terrain Mode tilesets… This means that if I want to place specific specific decorations in specific locations, I have to keep clicking the mouse over-and-over, but is both extremely inconvenient and very time-consuming.
Basically, I'm looking for a way to add all of the decoration tiles into their appropriate "Object" categories in the Heroes II editor. Not every single possible tile like the corners and whatnot. Just the actual decorations like the aforementioned flowers, divots, and cliffs. Being able to copy-and-paste exact tiles or bits of land around would also work… but I think that would require a complete reworking of the editor. Just editing the object sets would probably be much easier.

Also! My eyesight isn't too good, these days, so trying to differentiate between a pile of stumps and a pile of weeds can be hard, sometimes… Is there a way to make the Object previews bigger? This would be especially helpful with the former modification, if that's possible.

Thank you for your time!
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