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Maps discussion

Postby Milos Gajic » Aug 31 2019, 9:52

Hi mapmakers and heroes lovers, is there a list of best maps for H3, H4, H5, etc games, both multiplayer (allied and vs) and singleplayer (scripted and not scripted)? And where can one find such lists?

If not, can someone suggest to me the best H5 (tribes) map to play with an ally on hot seat?

Also, is there a Facebook group (and would anyone be interested in creating/joining such a group) where we would talk about heroes maps, games, etc, maybe find people to play with, or mapmakers to cooperate with?

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Equilibris Team
Equilibris Team
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Re: Maps discussion

Postby iLiVeInAbOx05 » Sep 3 2019, 15:05

Well, as far as H4 maps, you can take a look here.

Someone else will have to chime in for H3 / H5. I took a look at the H3 section on the main CH Heavens page but didn't see a link similar to the one for H4 for top maps.

Hope this helps!

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