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MAPDB - H3: Hold the Line (by Sachertorte)

Postby Pol » Oct 22 2017, 21:27

Map Name: Hold the Line
Author: Sachertorte
E-mail Address:

Map Type: 2 Players or Computer
Map Size: Small, with Underground
Players: 2 Players
Game Version: Shadow of Death
Language: English

Special Win: None
Special Loss: None

Description: Each player starts with 2 towns: Player 1 starts with a Rampart and Player 2 starts with a Fortress, but the second town is of your choosing. The only way to break into your opponent's territory is to siege their defensive town. Enjoy hot-blooded back-and-forth siege battles and wars over resources. Fly, Dimension Door, Navigation heroes, and Navigation artifacts are disabled.

Notes: Recommended on Expert difficulty or higher.


Download here.
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